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Ingrid Heyerdahl

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You're not lazy, crazy, or stupid

But maybe you're still trying to do things the "normal" way? The truth is, your brain is wired differently, and differently wired brains require unique strategies.

My name is Ingrid Heyerdahl, and I am the founder of I won't bore you with a long story, so here's the gist: I was diagnosed as an adult, chose not to rely on medication, and have spent the past 5 years discovering my own, natural approach to navigating this condition while building my own successful businesses.

ADHD is your wave - you have to learn how to ride it.

Learning to ride your ADHD is not rocket science. It's actually the opposite: keeping things simple! Get rid of unnecessary things and toxic people, use timers, post-it notes and visual cues; create systems rather than setting unrealistic goals, exercise every morning, take frequent breaks, gamify your life, and avoid forcing your brain to work when it's not ready. There you go :-)

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1-on-1 Personalised Coaching

Yes, I may have a few tricks up my sleeve, but not everything applies to everyone. To turbocharge your productivity and get sh*t done, you could use a customised approach to YOUR specific challenges, needs, projects and situation. Get in touch with me to discuss your specific needs:



5 x 55 min sessions € 399

10 x 55 min sessions € 799

Solopreneur Startup Program

I've seen it too often; women with ADHD who possess immense potential as solo business owners, yet they think their ADHD is hindering their progress, when in reality, it's often quite the contrary!

And more often than not, it's the "getting started" phase that proves to be the most challenging: deciding what business to offer, combining multiple passions under one brand, identifying the perfect niche, designing a personal brand identity, organizing daily schedules, and managing the initial business setup.

So to kick you in the butt, I am covering all that in my signature 6-Week Solopreneur Startup Program for "should-be-preneur" women with ADHD.


Duration: 6 weeks / 6 coaching sessions

Next intake: June 2023 (now open!)

Early bird price: € 1999

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